If you have contemplated  tuition for your child

Chances are that it’s the affirmative, your does child need tuition. To get a second opinion, Book a free initial assessment with us, It will help you appreciate your child’s current grading as compared to other children of the same age. 

You’ll also get a chance to meet other parents who have benefitted greatly from the tuition provided by Gascoigne Tuition Centre. This is why it is always best to get a second opinion to answer whether your child needs tuition or not.

Where your child’s future is at state, money is of no concern, but we have gone the extra mile by ensuring we charge the absolute bare minimum in fees whilst adding as much value as possible towards your child’s education.

Still unsure if your child needs tuition? . . . . Download the national curriculum and track if your child is on target to achieve his/her targets.  If you feel you could do with our advice in breaking down the national curriculum call or book your assessment day.

​But my child is studying gcse , is it too late for tuition.

barking gcse

It is a common question posed to us at GTC. However it tends to be the case that on average a child sitting their gcse exams in Greater london boroughs like Barking, Havering and Newham have generally improved their grades by 40% by the help of tuition.

GTC can help your child with tuition for all GCSE subjects. 

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