We nurture the everlast seed of tuition in barking

At Gascoigne Tuition Centre we understand, that all parents in barking would like extra help for their kids , but the costs of providing tuition in barking can be tough for parents especially when trying to fulfill more then one gifted child. 

We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective tuition in barking that is actually proven to increase grades and instill a hunger for learning in your child. 

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At Gascogine Tuition Centre we provide many programmes , covering an array of subjects. Alloting group & sibling discounts that actually make a significant difference. Helping you sustain your child’s education for a longer period.

If you have contemplated tuition for your child, chances are that your child needs it. To get a second opinion, Book a free initial assessment with us. It will help you appreciate your child’s current grading when compared to other children of the same age. 

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You’ll also get a chance to meet other parents in barking, hear how they have benefitted from Gascoigne Tuition Centre.

Where your child’s future is at stake, money is of no concern.

Yet we have gone the extra mile by accounting the absolute minimum in fees whilst adding as much value as possible towards your child’s tuition.

Thrive with 5 Booster Programme

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Our £5 Booster programme is starting enrolment from September 12th . Focusing on core subjects to provide a booster for the upcoming exams. ​

This programme focusses on the five core subjects needed to excel the london curriculum​

Book your free initial consultation now while places last, or browse through a comprehensive list of our classes.