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The Core Curriculum subjects are of crucial importance, hence all key stage one pupils recieve booster classes at discounted rate for the first term of the year at Barking , Havering & Newham.



key stage one english barkingKey Stage 1 – English

The core curriculum subject is key to laying a solid foundation for your child’ s future education. Our KS1 Tuition classes is comprised of 4-6 pupils , in addition we track their progress throughout the term to measure their learning and tailor their tuition for each child’s specific needs.

key stage one maths barkingKey Stage 1 – Maths

This core subject is also fundamental, as some young children just can’t get their head around adding numbers together. Also we tailor our tuition to focus areas of KS1 maths including learning, including using a number line, addition, sutraction, division and multiplication, doubling and halving, simple mental maths, shape and space, times tables, measuring and weighing, using money, telling the time and much more.

key stage 1 barkingKey Stage 1- Science

At Key Stage 1 , it is imperative that your child learns the importance of asking questions about his surroundings. This core subject will aim to measure your child’s ability to gather evidence, conduct experiments, ask critical questions and look for other methods of showing their results. Most of the lessons are practicals focusing on the world around them.


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